About Us

What is Eclips Studios?

 Eclips Studios is a hybrid multimedia production & marketing agency. Our agency specializes in producing multimedia projects in film, television, and digital platforms. In house we offer creative marketing concepts and strategic placement strategy campaigns for our clients in the marketplace. 

 Furthermore Eclips Studios intends to support its growth through continuous emphasis on customer satisfaction, introduction to product enhancements and/or additional services, and establishing long term relations with our suppliers and vendors. With continued growth and success J Boogy Production’s operations are scheduled to expand throughout Georgia in the long term. 

Our job is to bring your project, your vision, to life.  Eclips Studios will attract clients and is set apart from its competitors because video editing is more than just putting frames together; it's creating a cohesive story depending on the project. Transitions are very important in any project because the minds transitions along with it. A slight ineffective transition could lose your audiences in seconds. Camera angles during particular dialogue's and quality of the video are just as important as well. We are very passionate in video editing, you find something that you love to do and stick with it.